Here’s the ethos behind what we do at REEK. perfume: feminism, activism, beauty and artisan perfume. 

REEK. was founded to memorialize heroic, unapologetic women through scent. Our ethos is an everyday rebellion. In every area of public life there are fewer women visible and memorialized than men. This means there is huge and often unconscious bias against 50% of the population. It takes radical and rebellious people to change that. History is peppered with stories of heroines to inspire us but often those stories are lost. If we want things to change for our daughters, we need to look to our grandmothers – to show how far we’ve come. In that, our history and how it is told is important.

So we chose to memorialize the heroines of the Jacobite era with our first scent – Damn Rebel Bitches. There are no statues to these women and their heroism. Beyond that, the truth is, there are many more negative words to describe women than positive ones and we wanted to reclaim some. Who says being a bitch is a bad thing? Some of our favourite women are our favourite bitches too.
For centuries perfume has been escapist. The images that surround traditional perfume campaigns don’t remind us of everyday wonders. They don’t have authenticity or meaning. We like escapism, but this will not do. We matter too much. So we ask you to join us and spread the whiff of our rebellion – be a damn rebel bitch.