Hints of blood orange, hazelnut, malt, orange pips, twigs, leaves, leather, tobacco and notes of musk and moorlands.Witches is the darker sister of REEK’s first scent. The coven awaits.

Cruelty Free. No animal products used. Hand-mixed. Hand-poured.

DAMN REBEL WITCHES is inspired by sisterhood and commemorates those prosecuted for witchcraft throughout history and today. We are the daughters of the witches you didn’t burn and we stand together.

Cast a smell. Cast a spell. Don’t hide your magic.

The first eau de parfum in the REEK range, Damn Rebel Bitches is named for the Jacobite women. Memorialising heroic, unapologetic and passionate women from history to the present day through artisan perfume. We must not forget our heroines. Or be forgotten.

The scent was created in collaboration with award-winning artisan perfumer Sarah McCartney. She blended scents that would have been familiar to the Jacobites - blood oranges (a relatively new arrival to Scotland although marmalade was already being made), clary sage (used in women’s medicine at the time), malt (brewing was seen as a woman’s job), pink peppercorns (a huge luxury in any kitchen in the 18th century) and hazelnut (a key part of the Highland diet in the era).

The result is a warm, well-rounded scent - perfect for both gifting and self-gifting. DAMN REBEL BITCHES is a high-quality, hand mixed, hand poured eau de parfum that you can be proud to wear because it has real meaning. We’re happy to say that although most perfume models are under 25 ours are over 250 years old.

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