Features and interviews, opinions about the perfume and beauty industry, women's history, interesting takes on feminism, equality and how we memorialize women. At REEK. perfume we want to hear your voice.


Sometimes we write about perfume (we’re passionate about scent) and we do that as REEK. perfume HQ. When we have interesting experiences running the company we are upfront about them. Mostly though this space is for the people we work with, people we admire, voices that have something to say. We’re interested in history but only if it directly relates to the present. We like looking forward though we don’t believe we can go forward without knowing what has gone before. If you’d like to submit a blog post, please email it to press@reekperfume.com and we’ll get back to you if we want to use it. We also accept photo submissions because as a perfume company we know not all communication is about words. If you’d like to remain anonymous, we’ll respect that.

Women’s voices are often lost. In fact, alternative and independent voices are often lost. Traditionally they haven’t been valued or encouraged. It’s time for that to change. And it is. More people are finding their voices every day.

Most of what you’ll find here is original content but sometimes we seek permission from a writer to reproduce what they’ve written for another blog or publication. We do this because we think what they’re saying is relevant. We post the original publisher at the bottom of the piece. We work collaboratively and internationally.

REEK. perfume reviews and articles are on our press page. If you’re a blogger or from a publication and you’ve written about us and we haven’t linked to your piece, please email press@reekperfume.com