We set up this company because we were sick of beauty brands patronising women. Our perfumes are an everyday rebellion, a reminder of female achievement, much of which has been forgotten. It’s time to take a stand.

REEK perfume is created in collaboration with award-winning perfumer, Sarah McCartney. Our small batch scents are cruelty free, hand-mixed, hand poured eau de parfums, inspired by the lives of the women who inspire us.

We don’t use animal products and source everything ethically, from our bottles to our T shirts. Less waste, less plastic, better quality.


We challenge beauty industry norms with our campaigns. We don’t retouch images of our models and we open cast to include many different people. This is who we are. This is how we look.

Our perfumes are gender fluid. Literally. Together, we have a lot to say about women’s place in history and in the world today.

REEK was founded by us – mother/daughter team, Sara and Molly Sheridan. We are determined to keep memorialising amazing women. They won’t be forgotten. And neither will we.